About Complex Planet

Planet Earth is a complex place. Complex Planet celebrates that complexity. It describes the complexity worldview and shows how it differs from conventional wisdom—and often from scientific consensus. More importantly, it applies complexity to real world situations to demonstrate how it can be used to improve decision-making and to help us to live well.

See the page on “Complexity Worldview.”

Complex Planet has moved to this WordPress.com site from its own blog site on a hosting service that no longer wants to host it. Because intelligent adaptation is a hallmark of success on a Complex Planet, we moved over here. Other pages describe the purpose of this blog. Sometimes we ramble away from that purpose; for that we apologize. But if you read the posts carefully each one is linked to the complex systems theme in some way. Another complaint would be that our posts are too long. Yup, that’s too often true. Which is why we usually write books rather than articles.

All reasonable comments and crticisms are welcome. Join the discussion to make it better.

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