Returning Soon

It’s funny how the best laid plans of mice and men “aft times gang aglay.” This blog has been in abeyance a while because its authors were otherwise occupied. But the planet is getting ever more complex. Ask the majority of people trying to figure out how to save a few dollars and how to invest them for retirement without being scammed by front-running high-frequency trading algorithms. Is the revenge of the machines at hand? Or perhaps signing up for Obamacare or even Medicare is complex enough for you.

But while our petty concerns continue, the complex atmosphere is changing as we continue to pollute it, and the rest of our environment continues to evolve in ways we cannot predict. And new social orders (ISIS/ISIL) or new viruses emerge (Ebola) to threaten our existence. We shall return to the blogosphere shortly to offer new examples of complexity and the absurdities that simplistic worldviews foist upon us.

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