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The End of Civilization, if That's what we Call it

In the May edition of Scientific American, Lester Brown asks: “Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?”  The Grand Old Environmentalist argues that “a dangerous politics of food scarcity is coming into play” in which failed states could bring collapse. His … Continue reading

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Think Small and Buy from China

The New York Times reports that China is building highly efficient coal plants and researching ‘clean coal’ technology while the US is only talking about both. If China is able to capture a leading market position in clean coal technology, … Continue reading

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Thinking Globally

I was raised to be polite, to have good manners. Good manners goes beyond saying “please” and “thank you” and covering your mouth when you cough. As an old schoolteacher of mine once explained: “good manners is consideration for other … Continue reading

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Dangerous Beliefs

We all have them. Liek cancer sells they are with us all the time. But they should be hunted down and irradiated. For on a complex planet, beliefs are dangerous. While conditions are continuously changing, beliefs by their nature are fixed. … Continue reading

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CEOs Never Had All The Answers

A recent article worries that CEOs are running out of answers. This concern displays a fundamental error in how managers think about the world within which they operate. CEOs never had all the answers. The current strained economic conditions have only shown that the … Continue reading

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